June Book Tags

I recently went to a work conference in Baltimore and when I got back I had been tagged in a couple of book tags! I don’t want to overload you with book tag posts so I am going to squish them together into one post. So be prepared, it is going to be a long one.

Day and Night Book TagThe Day and Night Book Tag

Tagged by The Night Girl.

Created by Readigans.

D: Do you read more in the morning or at night?

I work at an office from 8-4:30 so, unless it is the weekend, my only opportunity to read is in the evenings. 

A: Are there any books that have changed the way you think about things?

Reading has completely shaped the way that I think about everything. Books have helped shape who I am as a person. I couldn’t tell you one book that completely changed my view of something but I take a little something from everything that I read.

Y: Young Adult or not?

I love YA books. I can’t imagine there will ever be a time when I won’t read YA.

A: Are there any characters that you honestly believe to be real?

I believe that all characters are real. Authors always take little pieces of the people they love and put them into their characters. So, while the character as a whole may not be real, there are parts of them floating around in the real world. 

N: Nobody borrows my books or I don’t mind lending them out?

Several people use my Kindle login to read my e-books but I am a little more picky when it comes to my physical copies. It is hard for me to part with them. 

D: Do you ever smell your books?

The majority of my books are on my Kindle, so not usually. I do love the smell of a bookstore though.

N: Not everybody likes books, is this a positive or a negative?

I can’t think of one single reason why this would be a positive. There is so much to gain from reading.

I: I keep my books in the best condition or maybe I don’t? Which are you?

I take very good care of my physical copies of books. I don’t like to crack the spine or bend the page corners. 

G: Gosh, I have too many books! True or False?

False! I definitely buy books much faster than I can read them, but there is no such thing as too many books.

H: Have you ever stained your books with something? If so, how?

Yes, a few times. Once I had a soda leak on my nightstand and my poor book soaked it all up.

T: Toned or un-toned while reading? Do you work out while you read?

Haha, that’s cute.

I am tagging the following people to complete the Day and Night Book Tag:

Would You Rather Book TagWould You Rather Book Tag

Tagged by HardworkBoulevard 

Would you rather only read read trilogies or stand alones?

I can appreciate a good stand alone novel, but I prefer series. When an author creates an amazing world with characters that I love I never want it to end. 

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

I prefer to shop at bookstores. I love the feel and smell of a physical book. That being said, I buy the majority of my books on my Kindle. I buy so many books that I just can’t afford to get physical copies all of the time.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

It really depends on the book. Stand alone novels are better as movies. Series with 2-3 books are also best as movies. Series with more than 3 books are much better as TV shows. 

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per book?

Definitely 5 books per week. I generally read at least 4 books per week.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

I would rather be a professional reviewer. I love reading new books and sharing the ones that I love with fellow readers. (Plus, I am not nearly creative enough to be an author.)

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

I would rather be a librarian. I think it is very important that everyone have access to books, especially those who may not be able to afford them. 

Would you rather read only your favorite genre or every other genre but your favorite?

Definitely my favorite genre. I enjoy reading books from every genre but YA is my favorite. YA is such a broad genre that I could read just YA for the rest of my life and never get bored.

Would you rather read only e-books or only physical books?

I would probably choose to read only e-books. I love physical books but I can buy 5-10 e-books for the cost of 1 physical book. 

I am tagging the following people to complete the Would You Rather Book Tag:

If you were interested in doing one the book tags but you weren’t tagged in it please feel free to do it anyway! If you do one of the book tags make sure to tag me in your post, I would love to read your answers!

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  1. I love this tag and your blog! I also nominated you for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award (tag) !! If you would like to to the tag, there’s info on my blog galaxyqueenofbooks.wordpress.com 🙂


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