Give Me All of the Books

I absolutely love reading but books can be so expensive. I am always on the lookout for a good deal on books. Thrift stores are a wonderful option for physical books but the majority of my reading is done on my Kindle. Digital copies are usually much cheaper than the physical copy to begin with but I buy so many books that I still have to wait for them to go on sale before I will but them. I may have a slight problem, I keep buying them faster than I can read them! Seriously, have you seen my waiting to be read bookshelf? I rarely buy a book if it will cost me more than two dollars. Lucky for me, Amazon constantly has sales on books. I check the Kindle daily deals, monthly deals and my wishlist every morning to see if I any of the books that I am interested in have gone on sale. I decided that my weird obsession diligence in hunting for the next great book bargain should be passed on to all of you. So, if I ever find a book that I am super excited to find on sale I will let you all know.

It just so happens that today Amazon’s Daily Deal is extra exciting. They have over 50 summer reads on sale today. Below are a few that I was most excited for but you can find the full list here. (Keep in mind that these sales are only good for today, May 23rd)

vanishing girlson the fenceyou hsould have knownhow to be a womanwater for elephantsMermaids SisterRebecca

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