Back from Baltimore!

0622151723b-2After twelve hours of traveling yesterday, I am finally home! I had an amazing time on my trip but it was so nice to wake up in my own bed this morning. I can not for the life of me remember where the cord to my camera is, so I am only uploading a few pictures that I got on my phone.

This first picture is of my beautiful cousin and I sitting on the wharf. She happens to be five and a half months pregnant, so there was a lot of sitting on this trip!

I had a blast exploring Baltimore and Washington, D.C. but I missed you guys! I wanted to have a post scheduled for every day that I was gone, but time got away from me and it just wasn’t possible. I managed to get up a review for Every Day by David Levithan and a post for The Book of Speculation’s book birthday. (If you want to read it you still have time to enter the giveaway!) I managed to get a little bit of reading done on my flights. I finished Another Day and I will try to get the review put up today.0621152051a

Just a little more about the trip…We stayed at The Admiral Fell Inn. It was a fun little hotel right near the water. It was surrounded by shops and bars. There was so much stuff to do and not enough time.

This is a picture of the promenade right across from the hotel. It was the perfect place to sit and eat ice cream. (Which we ate every day we were there. It was necessary with the heat!)

5876On Tuesday, after we left our last class of the work conference, we were able to visit the Washington Redskins stadium. I am a HUGE Redskins fan so this was super exciting. Apparently you have to schedule a tour online to be able to see the inside of the stadium, which we did not do. We managed to convince the security guard to let us see it for just a minute! My cousin is also a huge fan and he just graduated from high school so it was really amazing of the security guard to let him see the field.

This picture is of my cousin and me. You can definitely tell how happy we were.0623151034z[1]

After we left the stadium we made our way to Washington D.C. Most of my co-workers had never been, so everyone was really excited. We managed to see the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial and the White House. It was really awesome to be able to see everything but it was HOT. It was a lot of walking and a million degrees. It was exhausting! Luckily, I have the next few days off.

While I was away the blog still had a lot of activity. I have never been tagged in a book tag and while I was gone I was tagged in three! I was also nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award and the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I don’t want to overload you with a ton of posts right away, so give me a week or so to get a post up for all of them. I also have a few book reviews coming, as well as another book haul, a June wrap-up and mid-year update. A lot of fun posts coming your way, so keep your eyes open!