July Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-UpI swear that I say this every month, but where did the time go? It is already August and summer is slowly slipping away.

July was a pretty uneventful month. Work was pretty slow this past month with the exception of a crazy day or two. My personal life was a little more interesting. The Fourth of July was a blast. You can’t go wrong with good food and amazing friends. We had a few family birthdays this month as well so there seemed to be a BBQ every weekend. I am really trying to enjoy the summer before it’s gone!

My favorite part of this month was getting assigned my sister for the secret sister project that is hosted by the ladies over at On The Same Page. I will do a full post about the project later in August so keep an eye out for it. It is an amazing group of ladies and I highly recommend getting involved when the next round starts in February 2016.

The amount of reading that I did in July is laughable. I am on a reading kick right now though, so August should be packed full of reviews. I am also part way through four separate books right now so those should all be finished soon. I have not written reviews for all of the books I read in July yet, and one is scheduled to be posted closer to its release date. If I have written a review for the book you can click on the image to read the review.

prodigy   champion  Drowning is Inevitable  The Color Purple  Pure Insanity A Study in Scarlet The SIgn of the Four water for elephants

If you are interested in purchasing any of the titles that I read in July click on the title below.



Drowning Is Inevitable

The Color Purple

New Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Pure Insanity

A Study in Scarlet

The Sign of Four

Water for Elephants

How was your July? What books did you read? What books are on your August TBR list? 

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