Two Months

2 Months

brittanymariereads is two months old!

I have now been blogging for two months! Every day is more amazing than the last. The blogging community is by far the most welcoming group of people that I have come across. Never before have I been surrounded by so many like minded people. I feel so lucky to have met so many people who share my love of reading! You all inspire me with your passion for what you do. You push me to want to continue doing what I love and love what I am doing.

Thank You

Below are the blog stats for the second month of brittanymariereads.

In parenthesis are the total stats for brittanymariereads. 

  • 7 books reviewed (25 total)
  • 29 posts (59 total)
  • 159 comments (249 total)
  • 173 followers (366 total)
  • 534 likes (939 total)
  • 520 visitors (932 total)
  • 1,301 views (2220 total)

Life was crazy this month and I didn’t make reading and the blog as much of a priority as I would have liked to. But life happens and that’s okay. I will continue doing what I love and bringing you guys new posts as often as I can. As always, let me know if you have any suggestions for brittanymariereads. Feel free to comment or contact me directly at!

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