Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

charlie and the chocolate factoryCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written By: Roald Dahl

Read: June 7, 2015

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

You can buy this book here.

Goodreads Synopsis

Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory is opening at last!

But only five lucky children will be allowed inside. And the winners are: Augustus Gloop, an enormously fat boy whose hobby is eating; Veruca Salt, a spoiled-rotten brat whose parents are wrapped around her little finger; Violet Beauregarde, a dim-witted gum-chewer with the fastest jaws around; Mike Teavee, a toy pistol-toting gangster-in-training who is obsessed with television; and Charlie Bucket, Our Hero, a boy who is honest and kind, brave and true, and good and ready for the wildest time of his life!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is meant for a much younger audience but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent book. Part of the reading challenge that I am doing is to read a book from your childhood. I read almost all of Roald Dahl’s books when I was in elementary school and have very fond memories of them. This book is just so fun. It is full of such fantastic and wild ideas. This is the kind of book that can get children excited about reading. I enjoyed it just as much as an adult as I did as a kid. I am not feeling so great today, I am a little hungover, so it is the perfect book to read. Easy and silly, with not a lot of thought needed to enjoy it.

2015 Reading Challenge- A Book From Your Childhood

Recommended for Fans of: Children’s Fiction

Suggested to Read Next: Matilda

2 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  1. This book brings back soo many amazing memories! I just absolutely loved reading and re reading this book. I loved the storyline, the characters and all the weird but different types of chocolate. I remember keeping this rule that everytime I read this book, I should DEFINITELY be eating chocolate or candy while reading. (A rule which I absolutely loved) This book can NEVER get old for me. Roald Dahl is truly a genius. 😀


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