Book Haul June 2015


I am obsessed with finding a good deal on books. I love reading but it can be an expensive habit. This week I got eighteen new books and spent a little less than $12. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I received three of these books from my lovely co-worker Kelli. Once she reads a book she passes them on to other book lovers so that they can enjoy them too. On Monday she brought me;

A majority of the books that I bought this week I got at my local library’s summer porch sale. They have the sale a couple of times a year and everything is 50¢. My good friend Megan and I took an early lunch at work today and headed over to the library. It took us fifteen minutes to find parking, but it was totally worth it. I spent a whopping $5.83 and got eleven books.

I also bought a few books on my Kindle. I spent $1.99 on each of the following;

And last but not least I received one book in the mail from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

So excited about all of these great books at such awesome prices. I am set for summer reading.

Here is another look at my book haul this past week.

casual vacancy Somerset Enchanted Life Snow Falling on Cedars One Day 9780142401729_ThatSummer_CV.indd This Lullaby What Happened to Goodbye Glimmerglass The Memory Keepers Daughter The Taste of Salt The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants The Second Summer of the Sisterhood Anne of Green Gables Lightning The Moon Dwellers Zac and Mia loving day

Did you get any new books recently? Any awesome bargain finds? Let us know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Book Haul June 2015

  1. I am also obsessed with getting books at low prices. I can’t justify buying a new book for almost 30 dollars on our income. I usually try finding them at garage sales, or like you, the library sales, I also like to look at places like Good Will, and other consignment shops. I have found some really great NEW books at these places, and it doesn’t cost much at all. I also like to find free or nearly free books for my kindle, and I also use sites like and to review books and get them for free!


  2. Most of these are such appropriate reads for the summer. I adore Sarah Dessen and her writing, This Lullaby was on my favorites by her (along with The Truth About Forever and Just Listen). I hope you enjoy the books in your haul, happy reading!


  3. Garage sales and thrift stores are my favourite places to get books. Especially books for my classroom library–when kids lose them or cove them in coke, I don’t cry (that hard) over it, haha.


  4. I love buying secondhand books! All the libraries in Las Vegas have mini bookstores inside of them, and I have found some great books that way! Love your blog!


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