20 Books of Summer


20 Books of Summer is hosted by 746 Books. You can find the original post here.

During the winter months my job is crazy busy and some days I am lucky if I have enough energy to read a chapter. I generally end up cramming as much reading as I can during the weekend and barely touch my Kindle throughout the week. Luckily I love my job, so the exhaustion is worth it. One of the perks of my job is that the summer months are pretty calm. I work about ten hours less a week so I can read until my heart is content.

Below are 20 books that I plan on reading this summer. I am hoping to read more than 20 but with the beautiful weather, my best friend coming to visit and a work trip next month I would be more than happy if I finished 20. Some of these books are NetGalleys and ARC’s that are up next on my TBR list, some are books I plan to read as part of my 2015 Reading Challenge and the rest are books that I own that I am hoping to finally read.

Are you going to participate in the 20 Books of Summer challenge? If you do post a link to your blog post in the comments so we can all see what books you plan on reading!

among ten thousand things

Among the Ten Thousand Things

confessions of a queen b Confessions of a Queen B*
Talker 25 Invisible Monsters

savages The Savages
loving day

Loving Day

lovely bones The Lovely Bones

impulse Impulse

The Little Prince The Little Prince

before i fall Before I Fall

duff The DUFF

pines Pines

afterworlds Afterworlds

dangerous creatures Dangerous Creatures

Delirium_novel Delirium

interestings The Interestings

the body electric The Body Electric

knife of never letting go The Knife of Never Letting Go

discovery of witches A Discovery of Witches

flight behavior Flight Behavior

a monster calls A Monster Calls

4 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer

  1. I loved A Monster Calls a lot – I hope you have an illustrated version as they’re amazing and add a lot to the reading experience.
    I’ve also been wanting to read more Wolitzer after reading Belzhar – I’ll be curious to her what you think of The Interestings.

    Good luck


  2. I haven’t read anything by Patrick Ness yet but I have been hearing good things so I am going to try to read a couple of his books this summer. I am in the same situation with Meg Wolitzer, I own a few of her books but haven’t had a chance to read them yet. The Interestings has been on my TBR list since the day that I got my Kindle, so if I don’t read it this summer I am going to be so mad at myself.


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