19 Gifts for Book Lovers

If you are like me you love anything and everything to do with books. There are so many fun products available on the market these days. These are just a few of the awesome things that Buzzfeed found and put on their list. I want to buy all of them! Unfortunately for me working at a non-profit doesn’t allow me to buy everything my little heart desires. I am in desperate need of new Kindle case, so I might just be able to talk myself into spending $40 on one of the book cover cases. (I mean seriously, how cool are those!)

Do you have any favorite or unique book products that you want to share with us? Share them with us in the comments!

I found this fun list of 19 Gifts for the Book Lovers in Your Life on Buzzfeed. To find out where to buy any of the products pictures or to read a full list click here.

KindleCovers IphoneCaseBookBlanket BookRack  BookScarf BookCandle

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