The Void

The Void

The Void (Witching Savannah Book Three)

Written By: J.D. Horn

Published By: 47North

Read: May 14-19, 2015

Rating: 3 stars

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Goodreads Synopsis

An otherworldly energy runs through the city of Savannah, betraying its sleepy, moss-cradled charm. The old, beguiling streets look welcoming to most…but certain families know what lurks under their genteel surfaces. Families like Mercy Taylor’s, which has the most powerful lineage of witches in the South, know this all too well.

Mercy and her husband, Peter, are happily preparing to welcome baby Colin into their lives. But their excitement quickly becomes overshadowed by a gruesome discovery: someone has scattered severed limbs throughout the city. After a troubling visit from an old foe, Mercy learns dark magic is at play, and someone—or something—wants her and her unborn child out of the picture. To uncover the shocking reason why, the amateur witch must face a force beyond her power…or risk losing everything.

I don’t even know where to start with this review. I have a love/hate relationship with J.D. Horn right now. I have loved this entire series and have grown so attached to the characters. I love the world of magic that he created. (With so much magic swirling around YA right now it is always refreshing to read something with a different take.) I seriously loved the first two books in the series.

What I did not love, was this book. The first half or so was right on par with the first two books in the series and then I don’t even know what happened. It was as if Horn decided to shove every idea he had about the mythology surrounding the line, possible plot lines, and every single possible death he could think of into the last half of this book. It ended up being a jumbled, confusing mess and I am so disappointed! 

I am giving this three stars because of how much I loved the series and the first half of this book but if this was a stand alone novel I would most likely have given it one star. I hated the ending. I hated it so much. I honestly wish I would have just stopped after the first two books. They were on such a different level than this one was. So much disappointment.

I still highly recommend reading the first two books in the series.

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Recommended for Fans of: Fantasy, Magic, and Young Adult

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